Website records

An article from my Quality Coach newsletter, prompted by an article in an Australian newspaper that warned companies of the need to store website records. Former federal Attorney General Pat Barrett said 'if websites are used for business and for interacting with the public, the content and transactions constitute company records. Therefore, these must be captured, preserved, and incorporated into official paper-based or electronic records systems.'

Whether you're in Australia or not, it's a good reminder.  If other countries don't have similar requirements now, they're bound to shortly. Why? Because like so much of quality management, it makes good business sense.

And it's not just important if you use your website to sell directly. For example, do you describe any of your products/services etc. on your website? Make representations about their quality, performance, etc? If you're in services, do you specify any conditions under which you work? If you answer yes to any of these, that is part of your communications with the public including your customers. 

Checking the content and status of your website records would be a good thing to add to your next review session or management meeting.

If you are already certified, it should be covered.  In that case, a good thing to do would be to verify it's happening, by, for example, internal audit.

If your website is extensive, you might consider a Content Management System.

Ref: The Australian IT Today, p31, 12 April 2005