What Clients Say About Us

Simple and quick

Having been involved with ISO 9001 implementations during the 1990’s, I could not believe that layering that level of bureaucracy in my organisation would really be beneficial. Jane Bennett of Mapwright changed all that. By bringing things back to what was essential to meet the new 2015 standard (and not over-complicating things) she managed the process right through to our final certification.
All of my concerns about the heavy overhead of ISO9001 were removed and the fact that we were already doing things right meant that getting certified was kept as simple and quick as possible. If you thought ISO 9001 was all about procedures, documents and bureaucracy then I strongly recommend you talk to Jane to understand just what can be done in the new standard!
Andrew Hamer, Managing Director, Pakaflex

Follow the approach and you too will succeed

When we first set out to ‘get ISO 9001’...it seemed immensely complicated and difficult. Everyone we spoke to said that we would regret trying to do it and that it would end up being very expensive for a small business. But then we came across Jane and her DIY Kit. Her guidance and advice simplified it all, and gave us a clear path to follow. When she says she keeps things practical and simple, she means it. With Jane’s help, we have successfully completed the ISO9001 certification and have found it an enjoyable experience. We are now more in control of our business than ever and the staff have all embraced the change. I cannot recommend Jane and her DIY kit enough. Follow Jane’s approach in keeping it simple and you too will succeed. Bern McIntyre,  Director, Steyr Motors (Australia) and McIntyre Equipment.

Practical and outcome-focused 

Having seen her work with another company, we engaged Jane to assist Tricon Defence in refining and improving our quality documents as part of certification requirements set down by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Such is her breadth of experience that Jane knew what was required from the outset and set about delivering the goods on time and often at short notice.

Mapwright being in Melbourne and us in Sydney presented no issue at all. So even working remotely, we had confidence in being able to hand off the required tasks to Jane so we could get on with running the business. Worth particular mention is Jane's practical and outcome-focused approach and commitment to a project. I would most certainly recommend her services to other companies, large or small.
Ian Bostock, Managing Director, Tricon Defence

We are a greatly improved company now

     Doing ISO 9001 was a really positive experience for us: we now have a clear and organised system that works well for us. During an earlier attempt, getting certification seemed to be immensely complicated and difficult. What a difference this time around with a different consultant!
When Jane says she keeps quality management systems simple, practical and flexible, she really means it. Her advice and guidance was absolutely invaluable throughout. She turns “ISO-ese” into practical information to work with, and is terrific at helping improve business processes and keeping documents like procedures or forms simple and straightforward. We were all apprehensive about the whole “ISO thing” to begin with, but if we wished to tender for Government Business we had to have it. There was a lot of pressure on us to secure more business. Jane helped us overcome that fear; everyone enjoyed working with her and became quite enthusiastic about the implementing of new and better systems. 
     We are a greatly improved company now and much stronger in so many ways. If a problem crops up now, someone raises it as soon as it's found, then we get together and work out a solution. Before, things were buried or overlooked and it took much longer to back track to find the cause of the problem and try to fix it, often not successfully. We could not have achieved the result we did without Jane or in such a good way. Even our auditor complimented the system. We cannot recommend her highly enough.  Vicki Bird, Director, Bird Healthcare Products

Excellent internal improvements 

   Achieving ISO 9001 for Caraniche helped us to advance our quality management system and make some excellent internal improvements. Jane’s assistance and expert services throughout the project were extremely valuable. Her approach to quality management is to make it valuable and relevant, as well as practical and workable. She took the time to understand our organisation and our services, helped us to identify where changes or improvements were required, and assisted us to make the changes in ways that would work well in our particular context. Her advice throughout was excellent; it could have been a much more difficult or protracted process without her services. Matthew Berry, Manager, Research Training & Projects, Caraniche

Invaluable expert advice

    We have received certification for our Quality Management System (QMS) under ISO9001: 2008. The comments from our auditor were about how well our system was presented and how it truly reflected our business.
    I would like to thank you for your assistance, guidance and training in setting up our quality management system. Having achieved certification now assists us to continue improving as well as assisting us in promoting our certification to potential clients.
Quality Management has always been an integral part of our business and we have always prided ourselves on this. You provided us with a solid understanding of ISO9001 and worked with us to understand our business, assisted us in identifying areas for improvement, the gaps and changes that were required to fine tune and streamline our core processes.
    Your expert advice has been invaluable to us and without it, GTA Consultants would have found it a much more difficult and prolonged process.    Kate Partenio, Director, GTA Consultants  - Specialist Traffic & Transport Consultants

Process virtually flawless and painless

   What a stroke of good luck to come across you and your organization! Besides the instant rapport, you possessed a tremendous grasp of what is required to satisfy ISO requirements, and your analysis of our system and process in preparing us for assessment was virtually flawless.
    We found your professionalism, experience and sound knowledge of quality systems made our bid for certification a relatively painless one. We now know that without you, we may have taken a much longer route to get there.
    We have no reservations in recommending you to anyone looking to move to the next level.  Spiro Paule, CEO, Financial Index Australia P/L

Practical, simple and worked for us

   Getting ISO 9001 filled me with apprehension. Unfortunately, we started with a consultant who made it appear extremely hard as well as bureaucratic and complicated. I began to feel overwhelmed with the effort and the sheer numbers of documents that seemed to be required.
   But Jane's approach changed all that completely. Using her DIY Pack and her excellent, practical advice to quality management put us on the right path. Her advice was excellent: practical, simple and worked for us. And we've got a lot of benefit out of doing it. We have made a lot of improvements as a result.
   Things no longer 'fall between the cracks'. We have clear procedures that add some discipline which is really useful. We know where all our records and our files and documents are. And our system is just that: our system, that we're happy to work with.
   Our auditor was very happy with it and thought it suited our organisation well. I am very, very pleased that we used the DIY Pack and Jane Bennett, and hate to think where we would be otherwise. Gwenda Cannard, CEO, Reconnexion (non-profit)

We are a much improved company

  Jane added significant value to the QMS Certification.   Jane took the time to understand our business, more importantly she identified and understood the underlying business issues and culture, and set in place a plan to deliver us the outcome we sought.   The approach Jane took was very consultative, she engaged at all levels of the organisation and presented a practical and workable solution for our business. 
  As a company, we are now much improved.  The discipline and learning involved in achieving certification helped us tune our system up a level, apply the right management controls and make some excellent internal improvements.  The quality management system is one that we use and work with every day.  We could not have achieved the result we did without Mapwright. 
  If I was managing a QMS certification all over again, I would re-engage Mapwright, it's that simple.   Manager of Service Delivery & Quality, national consulting company

Commonsense Approach

  We achieved Quality certification last week! DLIQ conducted an audit and gave us a 99% pass in Document Review and 100% in Conformity.  We are chuffed as an organisation.  Your DIY kit was referred to many times in the process. 
  The commonsense approach to the process offered by you and your system helped me unravel the many hangover methods from the old 3900 approaches that still abound in the world of QA.  Again, many thanks for the assistance.  MD & QM of contract construction company

Good news

    I have some good news! (We have) been officially certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under ISO 9001. It’s been a long, hard slog, but I’m glad that we made the effort. I’ll be updating our website soon to reflect the change, but I just wanted to write to you to share the news and to thank you for all of your assistance.  MD of Software design and engineering company - name with-held by request

Impressed our auditors 

    We’ve just come out of our triennial audit and I’m pleased to report that we got through it with no non-conformances! The auditors were that impressed with everything we’d done.  
    They were very thorough and we were very happy with the way they put the system through its paces; there is a lot to be said for having good auditors! Thanks very much for all your help throughout this process; it certainly would have been a lot harder without your assistance! J Vinciguerra, IT Manager, Chemform

Refreshing 'keep it practical' approach

    We needed ISO 9001 but were apprehensive about the process, and whether the end result would really benefit the company.  Having a consultant with Jane’s experience and refreshing ‘keep it practical’ approach really made the difference.  
    Instead of an awkward system, she kept the focus on our company, the way we work, what was in place already and the elements that were important to us.  Her advice was excellent: she made sure that the system remained our system as well as helping us make useful improvements in various aspects, all without imposing any extra or unnecessary overheads.  
    Staff feedback has been very positive. We would not have achieved this result without Jane, and were very happy with her consulting services.   Craig Wehner, Customer Support Manager, Applied Biosystems Aust & NZ

To say we got through in record time would be an understatement

    Wastecorp is a burgeoning company going places in a hurry, and it wanted to refine its organisational systems to underpin its aggressive forward expansion program, and part of that process meant gaining ISO 9001 accreditation. There was a concern though, for many quality systems are cumbersome, confusing, and slow moving, and we needed a clear thinking thoroughbred.
    Mapwright’s ‘keep it simple & practical approach’ meant we could have our own fast paced system, and not one of those unwieldy concoctions dreamed up by outsiders with minimal knowledge of what we actually do each day to make our living. The approach demonstrated by Jane allowed us to greatly accelerate and simplify our ISO 9001 program, and to say we got through in record time would be an understatement. Once the message came across to keep it simple, slim, and sensible, the rest was easy and uneventful, and even quite enjoyable at times to put together.
    Wastecorp’s quality management system is now lean and lethally efficient, and the company is grateful to Mapwright for keeping it focused towards the ends that were important to us, rather than pondering endlessly on "what the auditor might think".
    In summary, Jane’s DIY kit and consultancy support were excellent value to say the least, and the company is therefore happy to recommend her services to those businesses who value simplicity, style, and elegance in the quality management arena. Shane Hammond, Compliance Manager, Wastecorp Pty Ltd

Our Management System Is Now Stronger

    While we’d considered ISO 9001 certification previously, we’d had some misgivings. It all seemed too hard, but having a skilled consultant as guide made all the difference. Jane made sure she understood our company and its uniqueness, what we already had and what was important to us. Then she worked with us to improve our management system and make sure we met all the requirements of the Standard. Jane’s advice was invaluable; she excels at keeping things practical, without imposing anything unnecessary.
    The company achieved the requirements, but without sacrificing the flexibility so essential in our dynamic business environment. Our management system is stronger; we sailed through the audit with high praise. We could never have achieved the result we did without Jane, and can’t recommend her highly enough.  Anthony Watson, Operations Executive, national payments company

We Can See the Benefits

    We'd had a couple of previous tries at getting ISO 9001 and found it hard going.  We kept running into hurdles that we found difficult to overcome, but we really wanted to get our business certified.  We were concerned about finding someone who would do a good job, and worried about whether we'd have to do things that just didn't help run the business, as we'd heard horror stories about other businesses being forced to make things complex. But none of that happened with Jane.
    First she looked at our business and what we had in place.  Far from forcing something onto us, she worked with what we already had and helped us make it 'ISO 9001 standard'.  The hurdles were overcome and our systems were improved through this process.  We were delighted with the results.  We not only got certified in 8 months, but we also now have an improved system that helps us manage our business better.
    We found Jane to be thoughtful, direct and very practical.  We were very pleased with the whole process and outcomes, and can see the benefits to our business. Karl Cundall, Director, ValueIt Property Valuers

Not Just Certification, but an Improved System

    We’d tried previously to get ISO 9001 and found it hard going. But we really wanted to get our business certified. We were concerned about getting a consultant who would really do a good job for us. We worried whether they would insist on things that didn’t really help us in our business, or that they’d make things too complex or too hard. None of that happened after we decided to give Jane a try.
    We were delighted with the results. Instead of imposing something on us, she looked at our business and our existing systems. Then she gave us excellent advice on how to improve it to ISO 9001 standard, without a lot of extra complexity or overhead.
    We not only got our ISO 9001 certification, but we also have an improved system that helps us manage our business better, both now and into the future.   Geoff Sayers, Systems Manager, Oxford Chemicals

Delivered Significant and Quantifiable Benefits

    Prior to the appointment of Mapwright Pty Ltd, our company was really struggling with ISO 9001. Our system was cumbersome, unnecessarily complicated and had actually become a burden to the company. Jane Bennett changed all that in a matter of weeks, by explaining ISO 9001 to us in a language we could understand and relate to, such that we quickly developed enthusiasm to pursue the benefits that were potentially available to us.
    Twelve months (and two audits) later, we now have an efficient and dynamic quality management system that is an integral part of our business, and has already delivered significant quantifiable benefits. Jane has been singularly instrumental in bringing this to fruition. We now look at our quality management system with pride and enthusiasm, and are keen to develop it further at every opportunity.  General Manager of National Manufacturing Company

Successful at First Attempt

    Thank you for your sterling efforts in assisting the Industry TechLink team to achieve quality accreditation. Your services ensured that, from the beginning, our processes were relevant to the task and built without bureaucratic overhead.
    Our greatest challenge was to implement the service in 4 months and then to meet our Government contractual requirements to gain Quality Accreditation by April 04.  The development of the procedures and establishment of the service was an enormous task in one year.  Through your expert guidance, we established the entire quality system and achieved accreditation on the first attempt in February 04.  We are most grateful to you and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.    Neil Nyholm, Project Director, Consultel IT&T.

Simple and Effective

    The newly developed system reflects accurately the current business processes and the new procedures are formatted simply, effectively and per the process approach. Certifying auditor from SAI Global about a system we developed for a client

Quick Path to Certification

    We'd already had a consultant's report, but it really didn't tell us what the issues were, nor what we needed to do. Mapwright's report was quite different.
    You really grasped our business and operations very quickly. The gap analysis report was very clear about what had to be done; the advice you gave us was really helpful. You didn't make it any more complicated than it needed to be. We really appreciated the way you worked with us to make sure we got certification quickly.   Anthony Quade, Manager, QA Testing Lab, ANZ

Simple and Robust

    The management system has been well developed and implemented. The simple yet robust structure of documentation is appropriate for the size of the company and the type of services it provides.  From Lloyds Register Audit Report, certifying a client's system 

Focus on Our Business and Our Goals

    Mapwright helped us to upgrade our existing quality system to the 9001 Standard. At the same time, Jane helped us to revise and simplify parts of it, adapt it to online delivery and abandon superfluous documentation. It is now simpler to use, requires less maintenance, and works well on our intranet.  
    The service was highly flexible, delivered value and met tight deadlines. The focus throughout remained firmly on our business, its goals, objectives and customers, without meaningless 'quality speak' or tedious bureaucracy for its own sake. Gordon Caley, Customer Service Manager, Wridgways Ltd

Guidance on What Was Important

    Thank you for your effort and contribution to a successful audit result, upgrading us to the new version of the 9001Standard, an achievement we could not have managed without Mapwright.  Our previous system was extremely labour-intensive to keep up to date, and as a result, was outdated. It is extremely gratifying to now be down to a handbook, 9 processes, and a small number of forms and work instructions - particularly when the old model had more than 25 processes, a similar number of quality documents plus work instructions and forms! 
    Your ability to cut through the superfluous information and provide guidance on what was important allowed us to learn about the standard and manage the system ourselves.  This has helped us to 'live' the system and understand why we have it, rather than treating it as a separate entity. 
    We can now say with confidence that we use our BeProActive! Quality System as the basis for the way we do things at ProActive.
Bob Phillipson, MD, ProActive Services Pty Ltd, Leading the Way in IT Service Management.

Simpler System Now Easy To Work With

    Thank you for your help in upgrading our system to the 9001:2000 Standard, while also helping us to simplify the system, make it easier to work with, and adapt it to delivery on our intranet.
    You helped us focus on what was important to the business, and to 're-engineer' our quality system to one that strongly underpins our drive to continually deliver superior services to our customers. Jane was very customer-focused and delivered excellent value for money.
Robert Nedanovkski, Business Systems Coordinator, Allied Pickfords Records Management (Sirva)

Flexible and Streamlined Management for Small Business

    I bought an existing business from a larger firm, and also needed to upgrade to the new Standard. Mapwright enabled me to create a flexible & streamlined management system that really suits my business and its size.
No huge manuals, no wordy procedures, no incomprehensible 'quality speak', just a practical system with a small set of documents and procedures that are short and clear. We got re-certification within 6 months. The service was prompt, customer-focused and very good value for money; the consultant would even crack a joke! I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Mapwright.   
Lang Nicholls, Sales Manager, Thermoview East

Practical Solutions

    To have achieved our aim in such a short space of time is a credit to both of our organisations.  Your assistance and passion for meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of certification whilst ensuring practical solutions for our management and staff were, and still are, very much appreciated.   Michael Burstin, Executive Director, Bensons Property Group Ltd.

System Suits the Organisation

    Some quality consultants try to make the people suit the system. Jane's approach is refreshing - she looks at how an organisation works and what it wants to do, and then makes the system suit the organisation, rather than the other way around. With multiple different requirements and an extremely tight deadline, we operated under great pressure. Our system worked well for us, ensured management control and essential records, with minimal overhead and "paperwork".
    When the business changed, Jane helped redesign processes to suit. My people happily accepted the system, because it was sensible, and helped them in their work. We could bring new people up to speed and get productive very quickly, with a simple training system. Audit reports and feedback helped provide assurance that procedures and policy were followed. Jane's "can do" attitude, commitment to getting the job done and common sense make her a pleasure to work with.
    As a result of the implementation of Jane's processes, my staff were able to gain and maintain ISO certification without any extra work enabling us to gain even more credibility with our customers. Jo Portlock, Business Continuity and Crisis Management Executive, ANZ Banking Group Ltd.

Systems Support Business Operations

    My attitude to ISO 9001 quality systems has completely changed as a result of my experience with Mapwright's systems. I now consider an ISO 9001 quality system as almost an essential system for today's business environment.
    My previous experience with quality systems and consultants had left me with a negative impression - the systems were cumbersome or rigid; the consultants seemed to concentrate on low-level processes, and didn't seem to understand the business demands of the 'real world'. Three years as a manager operating with the systems that Jane implemented and maintained completely changed my opinion.
    The focus is put firmly on how the business works and what it wants to do. Our systems were made to suit and support our business operations, instead of the other way around. They worked extremely well for us, giving us strong management control yet with minimal maintenance, overhead and paperwork. The discipline and clarity our ISO 9001 system and processes provided meant we could implement new or changed services quickly; management information and control was easily maintained, even during rapid turnover of personnel.
Jane revised and redesigned our systems through several reorganisations and changes to scope and business objectives. Her attitude is practical and solution-focussed, combined with a commitment to continuous improvement and to getting the job done.
    Getting and maintaining ISO certification involved no extra work, and enabled us to continue to provide an extremely high level of service to our customers, in an environment of almost continual change. Mapwright is the first company I'd call for help to implement or improve an ISO 9001 system. Damien Brignell, Director, Novatus Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Disciplined Management with Innovative Methods

    I wish to document my appreciation for your contributions during the ANZ Year 2000 Project.  Your PMO activities, particularly the introduction of disciplines that allowed us to become the first ANZ project to receive ISO9000 accreditation, was the key factor that allowed us to satisfy onshore and offshore major customers that we were on track to achieve Y2k compliance. I used our accreditation, and what it meant to ensuring good project management, to allay fears about our post-Y2k performance.
    I carried the project disciplines to our next regulatory project - the implementation of the requirements of the new Privacy Act. This project also benefited from the discipline resulting from ISO9000 accreditation, and directly allowed a complex behavioural and system change project to be completed "on time and on budget". We have continued these management processes through subsequent regulatory projects, including our compliance with the EFT Code and successful compliance with the Financial Services Reform Act.
    A significant part of these implementation successes were due to the approach provided and the innovative methods used to introduce the standards. The interactive development of workable processes and excellent communication to relevant staff allowed a rapid adoption at all levels in the projects. The fact that we continue to retain our ISO accreditation is confirmation of the changed behaviour you have achieved. 
Chris Roberts, Project Director, ANZ Banking Group Ltd

Easy to Work With, not Bureaucratic or Difficult

    Although I had worked under ISO 9001 systems before and often found they could be difficult, rigid or bureaucratic, I am very happy to say that this wasn't the kind of system that was set up. It was very easy to work with.
    We had multiple projects and tasks on the go - the environment was busy, often stressed and changing all the time.  The system gave us clear processes to follow and easy guidelines, with the security of knowing we had the documentation we needed for legal and regulatory compliance. We didn't spend time hunting for things - we knew where they were. Easy to work with and inspiring in commitment to high quality. I'd recommend highly. Stuart Watts, Director, Compucom Pty Ltd