Company Policies

All Website Content is Copyright 

All content on this website is copyright to Mapwright Pty Ltd.  You are welcome to refer to it, mention or link to it. You are not free to copy it or use any of the material written or posted anywhere on this site without our specific permission.  In writing. 

The content is written by Jane Bennett.  You are specifically prohibited from taking any of the website content, copying it or plagiarising - ie, stealing it.  Other than very limited quotations for fair purposes, you are specifically prohibited from posting any of my content to any other website whatsever, whether you own, manage, control or just contribute to it.  And you are specifically prohibited from taking my written material and pretending it is your work.  Ever.  (Unfortunately on occasion some people clearly low on the scruples, ethics and morals scale do this.  And yes, we have ways of finding out, and yes, we will hunt you down and yes, we will take all and any required action including legal recourse.  Write your own stuff.  Don't steal and cheat by taking mine.)

Independence and Impartiality

As a company, we are independent and impartial. Anything on this website and any advice given is based solely upon my professional knowledge, skill, experience and judgement. The company does not represent products or suppliers nor recommend any products or suppliers of services to you, including external certifiers. 

Upon request when in a professional relationship, we will help you from our knowledge and experience of other suppliers of services or products, for example, third-party certifiers. We never seek or receive any financial benefit from doing so. We never receive or solicit any financial or other benefit you don't know about. No kickbacks, no commissions, no hidden benefits. For anything you pay us, you receive a tax invoice.  That's it.

This is a deliberate policy, we want to avoid any potential conflict of interest and we guard our impartiality carefully. 

Note: We do create and sell our own products, such as the DIY ISO 9001 Kit.  But if we suggest any of them, we will always disclose that they are ours and declare a potential bias.

We will not knowingly work in a situation where a conflict of interest exists or may arise. If such a situation does occur, we will immediately disclose details to all parties and negotiate a suitable and fair outcome. 

Information Security and Confidentiality

We will protect your confidential information and keep it secure. In the course of correspondence with, or working with you, we may gain access to confidential or sensitive information. This may include information about your strategic or business plans, operations, finances, methods of work, documents or intellectual property, personnel, services or products, customers, suppliers, stakeholders or other related parties. We take all reasonable and practicable steps to protect your information. It will not be divulged under any circumstances, except where information is within the public domain, disclosure is required by law or is permitted by your written consent. Confidentiality is fundamental to what we do and we remain very mindful of its requirements.

All personnel working for or on behalf of the company have signed specific confidentiality agreements and take their obligations seriously.  If required for a particular assignment, we will sign further specific agreements with you.

How We Care for Information

Anything a client provides to us is stored securely and safeguarded from loss, misuse or unauthorised access, regardless of its format.

Methods of protection and storage for IT assets include controlling computer access via passwords, firewall, and anti-virus and spyware protection with regular scheduled scans and updates. Hard copy documents are accessible only to authorised personnel. At the end of an assignment, project information is archived and kept for up to 3 years.  Any confidential hardcopy is shredded on site, and fed to our environmentally friendly worms who turn it into compost. Electronic files are deleted.   Before disposal, storage media such as hard disks, USBs or CDs are either completely reformatted or destroyed to prevent data retrieval.

 If other arrangements apply to a specific project (eg, you wish materials returned to you), we will do so.  We prefer this is agreed in writing beforehand.

Privacy & Email 

We are committed to meeting the requirements of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles issued by the Australian Privacy Commissioner. Our site does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information across the Internet. The risk of someone intercepting and misusing information transmitted by email is usually low, but be aware that a determined individual who has the right skills (and the misguided desire) may be able to do this.  

Information logged  When you visit our site, the server logs information provided by your browser.  That information is used to create summary statistics and assess what website content is used, so that we can improve our site, its content and how it is presented.

Information logged is:
- your browser type
- date and time of your visit  
- your top level domain name, eg: .gov, .com, .au, .uk
- the address of the referring site if any
- your server's IP address (usually one of your service provider's machines)
- pages accessed
- any documents downloaded.

No attempt is made to identify users or their browsing activities, unless disclosure is required by law or due to a mandatory requirement (legal, governmental agency or regulatory authority).   

Email addresses, forms & cookies If you email us, or send a form from our web site, we will receive your email address. This will only be seen by authorised company personnel; we will never disclose it to anyone else, or pass it on to anyone else without your explicit consent.  We do not use cookies to collect personal information nor track your activities.

Links to other sites This site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for their privacy practices, and don't know whether they use cookies or other tracking devices. You should check their privacy policies.

Refunds and Returns Policy

We adhere to all statutory consumer rights of fair business trading in Australia.  If you buy a product from us and it is not what we say it is, we will refund the purchase price (less any cost directly incurred by us) provided that it is inside 120 days, you tell us why and return goods in original condition. We do not normally provide a refund simply because you changed your mind. Any refund requested for the DIY Kit outside the 120 day period must be accompanied with evidence to show that you attempted to use it and apply the information it contains.  

Environmental Policy

We are committed to caring for and respecting our environment and strive for carbon-neutral operations. We use & support environmentally friendly practices such as recycling and use of recycled materials (eg, composting all shredded material on site with the help of our hard-munching worms). We aim to minimise paper usage and waste wherever possible, and consider environmental issues when purchasing. 

 In line with our commitment, electronic media is preferred for accounts and for storage of records and data. Invoices are sent electronically and EFT payments are preferred to cheques.  A hard copy invoice or statement is sent if specifically requested. We monitor the carbon emissions our operations produce at suitable intervals and seek to reduce them. Carbon neutrality is achieved via methods including offsets of carbon credits, low-impact methods of travel & careful attention to goods/services purchased. 

Safety Policy

We are committed to a safe working environment. At work our people are responsible for guarding their own safety, and must comply with company policies and requirements and minimise risk of injury or illness to themselves or colleagues. We will comply with all required legislative and statutory requirements. 

Consulting Services

All services provided by the company are provided in a professional and competent manner. We are committed to meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, including protection of copyright, industrial or intellectual property and privacy. If audit services are provided, they are aligned with those set out in the Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing, AS/NZS ISO 19011, unless otherwise agreed.

Credit Policy 

Credit is offered to customers at the sole discretion of the Director. Creditworthiness is usually verified by initial pre-payment of 50% of the fee for the first project, and subsequently by monitoring credit history.

Late payment: We pay our bills promptly and rely upon clients to pay our own bills with similar promptness.

If payment is late without prior agreement:

Collection of overdue bills:  Your bill is for work already done.  If it becomes overdue:

If your bill remains outstanding for 21 days or more, without explanation or communication, it will be placed with a debt collector with instructions to pursue the debt in full.  This may involve extra cost to you.

Cancellations: If a job is cancelled early, work done on a time basis is billed for and becomes due immediately. For a fixed-price job, work will be billed proportionately to the work performed.


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