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I write several a year. Sometimes less often, occasionally more. If I'm just too busy, there'll be a gap for a while; it happens at times and I'm sure you'll understand. At times it's longer if I've got a bit more to say, other times short and to the point.

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Always great to receive your snippets Jane - don't ever stop doing them

They just seem to pop up at useful times, and are always appreciated....

I have just joined your mailing list and read your excellent free report. Congratulations on cutting through all the jargon and meaningless nonsense to produce something that is short, to the point and helpful! If only everyone was like this!

Thank you for your continuous support, your information and updating is a great help....

These articles of yours gives direction and focus towards my business and customers.

This is excellent stuff and quite timely. Thank you. Love what you write.

Thanks for providing quality related information - appreciate it.

I enjoy your articles. Keep them up!

Receiving e-mails from you is a pleasure.

Leadership 'culture' is reflected by what the leaders preach and practice; I couldn't agree better than you in what you say.

Very refreshing to see a well articulated and pragmatic view of ISO and Quality.

I always love to receive communication from you....

Bravo! Excellent article, keep the candle burning.

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