Useful Links

Buying the Standard:  In Australia, use this direct link to buy the current copy of ISO 9001. It takes you to SAI Global's online shop where you can buy the Standard and other documents. Do note that, because locally they didn't publish it until this year (2016), the AS/NZS version will say ISO 9001: 2016 but it is exactly the same as the ISO 9001: 2015 version.  Only the cover pages are different.  To buy it in other countries, use the links on this page.

Handy Guide to Quality - quite delightful video from CQI well worth watching 

ISO - International Standards Organisation

ISO 9000 quality management section on the ISO website with guidance and downloadable files such as this Brochure


DIY ISO 9001 Kit

How to get ISO 9001 without breaking the bank. The practical cost-effective solution to get ISO 9001 certification. Current for 2015 and better than ever.

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