What's an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis?

An assessment that compares a current quality system to what ISO 9001 requires, and identifies the gaps between what's there already and what's not.

The Standard has specific requirements that must be met, which are spelled out in its various clauses .  If your current system doesn't meet any of the applicable requirements, there is a gap that you must fill before you can get ISO 9001 certification.

Why do a gap analysis?

To find your starting point and estimate the scope of work required.

You see, the most common questions people ask about getting ISO 9001 are:

The problem: every business or organisation is different. Different sizes, different people, different fields. So there isn't any standard answer to those questions.

You can't really answer these questions with any confidence until you know your baseline or current position. Once you have that, you can plan what is needed for you to reach ISO 9001 status, because you will then have a reasonably accurate idea of the tasks and size of the project and thus the resources and time requirements.

This is where the Gap Analysis comes in. It tells you where you are now versus where you have to be to reach certification (if that's your goal). You find out exactly where your gaps are, and what has to be done to fill them, and get ISO 9001.