The 10 most common mistakes with ISO 9001

And how to avoid them 

It takes about the same amount of effort to set up a good ISO 9001 quality management system as it does a bad one.  Often far less. But it definitely takes much much less time to operate and maintain a good one.

My report tells you the most common mistakes people make.  And how to avoid them.  You could pay thousands of dollars for this information. My valuable report is available exclusively from Mapwright.  You can have it free just by joining my e-newsletter.  

There's a short Youtube cartoon with some of them here. Mistakes-thumb2

If the report's so valuable, why's it free?

Good question.  It's because I'm passionate about good quality management systems. As a quality professional of many years, I hate seeing the same old problems cropping up again and again. Or coming across people struggling with things when they don't need to. It isn't the fault of ISO 9001.  Usually it's a problem in implementation (how it's done), usually because of lack of knowledge.

And because I know this, I dislike seeing the same old errors.  (The business owners probably feel worse, because they paid in the first place. And are still paying with poor processes, extra cost to maintain, disenchanted staff or staff turnover, etc. )

So I give this report away to anyone who asks for it.  I hope you'll use it to avoid these mistakes and free up some time for more productive things. Like a better quality management system.

Because the more good systems there are, the better for all of us.

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