Terms of Sale - DIY Kit

All that stuff that the legal advisors insist on and that we all wish we didn't have to have

When you purchase any product from us, this signifies you agree and understand the following information. If you don't understand anything here, you need to contact us and clarify before purchasing.

The reference to getting ISO 9001 certification and within 6 months with my DIY Kit means that it can be done.  Many customers have done it already. But no guarantee is offered or implied that you can or will duplicate the results of  other customers.  

You see, I don't know you, your organisation or your products or services. I have not visited you or gathered the information I'd need if I consulted to you. I don't know if you will use the information I've provided, do the work required or put in the time and effort.

If you do, I have strong reason to believe you will succeed as many others have, but I cannot and will not guarantee this. It may take you more or less time, for example. Companies vary in their leadership, drive, resources, skills, the conflicting demands on their time and how they manage that, their priorities and the efforts they are willing to make.  

All information is provided for educational purposes only and may or may not represent factual information.

Common sense: you recognize that any business endeavour includes risk. You freely and of your own will risk any and all funds you may choose to spend implementing the Pack, the plan and the concepts. You will do so with skill and common sense. You will not hold Mapwright Pty Ltd nor Jane Bennett responsible if you fail.

To summarise in my own words: I make the information available to you.  It is solidly based on my experience and that of my many clients and customers.  But you buy and use it entirely at your own risk, using your own efforts.

By clicking on the secure server link, or sending in a purchase order or buying in any other way, you agree to these terms and conditions.


DIY ISO 9001