How we help others

A percentage of company turnover goes to organisations we support. 

I prefer organisations that enable or empower others to help themselves (eg, micro-loans for small business) and those with an environmental focus. I also donate time to deserving organisations, consulting at reduced cost or pro bono.  

World Vision  Sponsor a project or sponsor a child. Each donation benefits an entire community, beyond an individual. 


Because microloans work, and tiny amounts can make a big difference.           Kiva helps individuals and small groups in poor countries across the globe. You choose who you want to help.  Your small loan of $25 USD is combined with others to make up the amount requested. Loans are made through partners in the field, who work closely with the recipients, collect repayments over the agreed period and report back.  You can then get your loan back or re-lend it.  And repeat. And repeat...

Online Gift Catalogue Where else can you give someone a goat gifted to a poor family? Or a pair of chickens?


Pet Rescue - looking for a furry friend, or even a non-furry?  This great site links up all the various Australian shelters and rescue organisations into one easy website.  The Director of Leisure Activities is a strong supporter

Salvation Army - because they are just there.

Reconnexion.  They do great work with people suffering from with anxiety disorders, depression, dependency on benzodiazepines or analgesics and related problems.

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