How and where can I get a copy of the Standard?  And what does it cost?

You can only buy it from someone with a license to sell Standards. You cannot get one from any bookshop, and you cannot get 'free' copies as it's a copyright publication. 

The cheapest option way to buy an electronic version, not a printed copy. You get a single downloadable, *.pdf file, and can print it out.

How to buy the 9001 Standard in Australia

From Standards Australia's online InfoStore. Use this direct link to buy the current copy of ISO 9001.  Do note that, because Australia didn't publish it March 2016 (5 months after its official release by ISO), the AS/NZS version says ISO 9001: 2016 but it is exactly the same as the ISO 9001: 2015 version. Only the cover pages are different.

Q: Is it the same price everywhere?

A: No. Prices vary, according to where it was published. You may find it worthwhile checking prices from other websites. For example, when I checked a couple of years ago, it was much cheaper in Singapore, for example, but not when I checked again recently

But no matter where you buy it, and regardless of what the ISO member country has put on the cover and title page, the content is always exactly the same: the official text of the ISO standard, approved by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).  The only bit that varies is the cover blurb. (And few of us read that anyway.) 

If you do buy online, check out the conditions of sale first, to make sure you can abide by them. And double-check you have the correct Standard and the correct version if you download it, because they won't refund if you get it wrong. 

Be careful to check you're getting the current version (2015) as the previous version (2008) is often still listed as available. 

How to buy the Standard outside Australia
  1. Find the website address of your country’s ISO member. If you don’t know who this is, use the list of Member Stores on the ISO website.
  2. From the country's ISO member website, look for their shop. Not all countries have one, and there’s no consistency: look for words like ‘Standards shop’ or ‘Standards online’, 'webstore', 'eStore' etc. Often there's a Search facility, or a clickable button.
  3. Find the right publication - in this case, the ISO 9001 standard. You want these key words in the title: “ISO 9001:2015 Requirements”. You can ignore any letters before ISO, as they identify the country (member organisation).
    Eg, in Britain, it’s listed as ‘BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Requirements’. In the USA it’s just listed as 'ISO 9001:2015 Requirements'‘.
  4. Check prices carefully. Sometimes there are prices for hardcopy (more expensive) and softcopy (cheaper). Also, some offer discounts to members such as Australia. You are only a member of a Standards organisation if you pay them a subscription, and no, I'm afraid that applying for certification doesn't count.
  5. Follow their process to purchase. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, download it free from the Adobe website.