Shame on the copyright thieves

It never ceases to amaze me how many blatant thieves and rip-off people there are across the world, who think nothing of stealing information I have written, and putting it on their website, even putting their own name on it and claiming copyright over it.  Even from companies who loudly claim to have the 'highest of ethics' and 'meeting all legal obligations'. A few have been genuine oversight (an unscrupulous and lazy employee or web firm), and have been taken down immediately on my Cease and Desist notification.

But for the majority, bother to follow copyright law is not something they care about - if it's there, they can steal it.  Since they have zero ethics, here is the Name Them and Shame Them file - I'm not going to gratify them by giving links to their thieving sites, but yes I do keep full details and can substantiate my prior authorship which demonstrates their flagrant disregard of copyright and my ownership of the intellectual property.  

M.A.K. Training and Certification.  Stole a whole bunch of bullet points (word for word) about the benefits of certification.  Lazy, MAK, Lazy.  And dishonest.

Zoominbusiness   Angela Magnan who I presume works for or is the company published an article in 2013 on the 5 Whys with her name and (c) on it.  Somehow neglected to mention that about 30% of it is (word for word) direct lifting from my own article on the 5 Whys, written some years earlier.  After all, if you can steal it, why bother to write it? 

Arkalite appeared to be a sole consultant in Turkey, I believe.  Obviously didn't care for writing, because he stole a large quantity of information from my site on ISO 9001 2000, and then kept it there for many years, completely ignoring a) cease and desist communications, let alone b) any changes and updates to the Standard. Presumably he liked it as it was - why bother to change. It seems to have finally disappeared. Perhaps his consulting business did too? 

If you're thinking of stealing my stuff, don't. Apart from the fact that it's a breach of copyright, it is also unethical, immoral and just plain Wrong.  One of the things I have noticed in the time we (me and my pitbull lawyer) have been following up this stuff, is how such firms tend to just disappear. If you base your business on a lie and theft to start with, why would anyone use you?