How much does it cost to get ISO 9001 certification?

Answer? It depends.

There are two kinds of costs: 

  1. the cost associated with getting ready to be certified, and 
  1. the costs of the certification.

For 1. Getting Ready, the cost will always vary depending on factors that include: 

All these factors affect cost. Simply asking how much? without answering them first won't give an accurate result.  

An analogy: could you ask a travel agent, How much does a holiday cost?  and expect an accurate answer?  Before they gave an answer, they would want to know things such as: Where do you want to go? When and for how long?  How many people are going?  Do you want to fly, or take trains? Travel by bus, walk or or hire a car?  Do you want stop-overs, or will you go direct? And so on. 

For 2. Certification Costs, you will need to get quotes from certifiers.  They will ask you to supply certain information such as the size of your company, number of personnel, what you do, types of services or goods and so forth. As a rough indication, for a small company with a single location and fwer than 50 employees, you could perhaps expect to budget perhaps around $4k AUD per year. Costs seem to be a bit lower in the USA.

Factors that have most influence on cost and time: 

 To come up with any kind of reasonable assessment of time and cost, a gap analysis is usually required. This is something a skilled consultant can do.  Alternatively, you can do it yourself with the right tool; see my DIY SO 9001 gap analysis.


Seeing ISO 9001 certification purely in terms of cost is a somewhat skewed view.  There are also real costs associated with poor quality, such as returns, rework, losing customers, missing out on tenders where certification is a pre-requisite.  These costs are often hidden, so are often ignored or overlooked. 

Not knowing or appreciating the great benefits available from getting 9001 certification.