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Words cannot express how much I appreciate the answers that you give. The best way I can describe it is: Simplified. …and, I really like that! (Name withheld)


  Hi Jane, We successfully completed our audit on Monday! Thanks again! (name witheld)

Clear path to follow  

  When we first set out to "get ISO 9001"...it seemed immensely complicated and difficult. Everyone we spoke to said that we would regret trying to do it and that it would end up being very expensive for a small business. But then we came across Jane and her DIY Kit. 

  Her guidance and advice simplified it all, and gave us a clear path to follow.  When she says she keeps things practical and simple, she means it.  With Jane's help, we have successfully completed the ISO9001 certification and have found it an enjoyable experience. We are now more in control of our business than ever and the staff have all embraced the change. I cannot recommend Jane and her DIY kit enough. Follow Jane's approach in keeping it simple and you too will succeed.  Bern McIntyre, Director, Steyr Motors (Australia) and McIntyre Equipment.

Your kit is amazing

 I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your help-we are officially certified! We received our ISO 9001 certification from (certifier) on Sept 15 ... Your kit is amazing and it was always a pleasure speaking with you!  (Name withheld)

Appreciate your help 

The ISO auditors were with yesterday and today, and have informed us that we passed, and will be certified... We appreciate very much your help!  Mapwright helped us to cut through underbrush and see more clearly the trail. We very much appreciate your generosity in making your experience available to us.  Rand Engel, Balkan Sunflowers, Kosova 

Great support and guide

Our company actually received ISO 9001 certification in November...Thanks so much for your DIY kit... (it) was a great support and guide for me. I created our system, implemented it and received certification within 5 months and couldn't have done it without your help. (Name withheld by request)

Great value and excellent customer service

The kit is well worth buying and the after service is wonderful. No e-mail/question or phone call is ever a bother to Jane. The kit is in depth but explains itself very well and easy to understand. Doing the tasks that are set are important to help close the gap that you may have on missing policies or procedures. The examples are great of what to do and what not to do. The toolbox that you are given to achieve and work through the ISO path is very helpful. The website is full of useful information. All the tools, manuals etc. you receive are excellent. It is worth every cent. Jane is always up dating us with e-mails on any changes and her support service is excellent. I would recommend Jane with no hesitation. Excellent customer service is given constantly. V Allinson, Oceanic Controls

DIY Pack a Fantastic Help

This DIY pack has been fantastic and I cannot imagine how anyone could possibly do this internally without such help. I feel that if we had hired an external person to do this task for us we would just let him/her get on with it and we would possibly not fully embrace the concept to the degree that we now do and with the required understanding! Steve Woods, Klorman Industries

Great value for money

'I think we would still be at the starting blocks without your DIY pack. It has proven to be a very valuable tool for us along with your monthly emails that suggest to us where we should be at by now... it is great value for money. It provides easy to understand information along with quality manuals and templates that have provided our company with ideas as well as a sense of direction for what would work best for us. The DIY pack has proved very informative and provided us with a great platform in preparing our strategies in moving towards certification'. Gary Butcher, Administration Manager, Independent Property Group

Complete overview and step by step process

'I am delighted with it, and don't know what I would have done without it... very satisfied... The DIY pack provides a complete overview and step by step process to achieving certification, in addition to templates that can be adapted for the company to use. K Krienke, Sense Consulting

DIY Pack has been invaluable

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to let you know that we had our audit yesterday and have been awarded our ISO9001 certification. This is wonderful news and will certainly help with the long term growth of our Company especially in export markets. Your DIY pack has been invaluable in us achieving our goal and we cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support throughout our journey. We will certainly recommend your product and service to other companies trying to achieve ISO. Many thanks Carole-Anne Brook, Manager, Upwey Valve & Engineering P/L

Received full ISO 9001 Accreditation within 10 weeks

We purchased your program [DIY Pack] and completed the documentation within 6 weeks and received full ISO9001 Accreditation within 10weeks. Admittedly, we did have 'management systems' in action prior to commencing the ISO accreditation process - never-the-less your program greatly assisted our prompt application and approval. Again, thank you for your regular wise information. 
Noel Heather, MD, Sadies Environmentally Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

DIY ISO 9001 Kit

Great and Absolutely Smooth

Thanks for all the support and reminders that you have sent. It's been great and absolutely smooth during our final audit. We have actually received our certificate last month May 2010. The system (DIY ISO 9001) Pack is an effective tool which helped me to manage the audit and NC giving by the auditors.  Once again many thanks for your consultancy support and excellent tips and remainder towards getting our ISO qualification. I would never have gone this far without your help.
K Wu, SA Engineering, HK.

So Simple and Easy to Use

The Pack is great. And I just love the templates - they're all so simple and easy to use. I'm using your Action Form for everything (nonconformity, corrective action, preventive action) as well as safety issues. Makes it all so simple. Company name withheld by request

Simple, Straightforward and Invaluable

The simplicity and straight forward approach of the DIY Toolbox was excellent. The common sense examples and practical insights into obtaining Quality Assurance were invaluable. Further to this, the support offered by Jane when encountering a problem was exceptional, she was only too willing to assist us on the phone & email when we encountered problems. Through the DIY Toolbox & Jane’s assistance we were able to obtain Quality Assurance ISO:9001 (2008) on our first attempt, even receiving a Noteworthy Effort on our audit report. P Harvey, GM, LCollect NSW

Achieved Certification! We are chuffed

We achieved Quality certification last week! DLIQ conducted an audit and gave us a 99% pass in Document Review and 100% in Conformity. We are chuffed as an organisation. Your DIY kit was referred to many times in the process. The commonsense approach to the process offered by you and your system helped me unravel the many hangover methods from the old 3900 approaches that still abound in the world of QA. Again, many thanks for the assistance. Paul Reilly, Contract construction company (name supplied), NSW

Passed our final audit with no non-conformances 

I had my final certification audit last Thursday and Friday and have passed with no non-conformances and just a few places with room for improvement. I would like to thank you for your assistance with getting me on the way to understanding ISO:9001 and everything it entails. It has been a big learning curve over the last 12 months but very rewarding and now we can do works directly for Main Roads etc as we had planned - in fact we have accreditation. Barbara Randle, (name supplied) Qld.

Delighted With It

The DIY pack was very valuable in adding to my understanding of what needed to be done in achieving ISO9001. The commentary and sample manual provided gave me a great road map of where I was headed and how to get to the goal of ISO9001 certification. (name and company withheld by request)

Don't know what I would have done without it

The ISO9001 standard, like any other, takes time and effort to understand. The intent behind this standard takes even longer. The DIY Pack helps in knowing the key issues a Quality Manual must address and provides samples and guidance on how to create your own Manual. The DIY pack will give you a great start in getting ISO9001 certified. I am delighted with it - don't know what I would have done without it. Tony Chand, (company name withheld by request).

Benefits our business - Fantastic!

The more I do on this ISO business the more benefits I can see it having on our business... Your DIY Kit is fantastic! Rachel Lewis (engineering consultancy)

Excellent Value - got through in record time

 The approach demonstrated by Jane allowed us to greatly accelerate and simplify our ISO 9001 program, and to say we got through in record time would be an understatement. Once the message came across to keep it simple, slim, and sensible, the rest was easy and uneventful, and even quite enjoyable at times to put together. Wastecorp’s quality management system is now lean and lethally efficient, and the company is grateful to Mapwright for keeping it focused towards the ends that were important to us, rather than pondering endlessly on "what the auditor might think". In summary, Jane’s DIY kit and consultancy support were excellent value to say the least. Shane Hammond, Wastecorp P/L, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

Really useful.  It Works!!

I've had the kit for a few months now and I'm very pleased. It works!!! There is a lot of work still to be done and I have precious little time but at least there is something in place and something I can continue to work on when I do get time. What you get with the DIY Pack is a place to start and some really useful information and templates to help you get going on the task, which is often half the battle. I am very satisfied with it. Heath Goldfinch, Corprev P/L, Brisbane Aust.

Thank you for such a great product 

I wish to thank you for such a great product. I tried once before to “jump the QA hurdle” but found it insurmountable. Your product has taken the fear factor away. The system is straight forward, user friendly and appears to be not only effective for QA but will be a very useful tool for the management of this company, namely myself and my husband, to take us well into our company’s expanding future. L.Boulton, Director, Alfex CNC, Brisbane, Australia.

Made the Process Easier Than Expected... Great Result

The whole set up of the pack was easy to follow, the step by step guide made the process easier than I thought it was ever going to be. I don't think we would have achieved certification nor had the system we do in place without the pack. We could never have achieved such a great result without the DIY Pack and Jane's advice. Tara Edwards, Office Manager, Gytech Pty Ltd, Hawthorn, Vic .

Would Have Been Lost Without It

The DIY ISO 9001 Pack has been invaluable. I would have been lost without it. It's a fantastic tool for someone who has never written a quality system before. Not only is it a great starting point but the pack guides you through the entire process for becoming 9001 compliant. Amanda Lee, (Company name withheld by request), Gold Coast, Qld.

Exactly What We Needed

Wonderful! This DIY Pack is exactly what we needed. Simple and easy, but clear and comprehensive. I’m impressed by the thinking behind it, its usefulness, and the great value for money. This is exactly what we needed to explain the whole process, and give us a very practical and workable way to do it. M Evans, Director, Machay Systems P/L, Vic.

User Friendly and Easy to Follow

I am very happy with the product we purchased from you. It provides a really solid foundation to starting a quality system from scratch with only a basic understanding of ISO 9001 and helps you establish a user friendly, easy to follow manual. Definitely the best way to start to control your quality with minimal fuss. B. Randle, King Concreting, Brisbane, Australia.

Tangible Benefits and Internal Improvement

The DIY Pack is definitely a product that everyone should be taking seriously. Not only does it assist with simplifying the process of ISO qualification, it can provide tangible benefit for any business looking to improve internal process. It has aimed us in a common direction whereas before each stakeholder was aiming in his/her direction without any guiding influences. Brett Chapman, Brisbane, Qld (company name withheld by request).

Excellent Value

We received excellent value for the dollars spent – the return on investment is the important thing to consider and measure, as you go through the process and once certification has been achieved. If [you] have never had any involvement in QA Systems or ISO Accreditation then it is a very useful guide from start to finish. If you are going to plan a trip in an area that you have never traveled – you wouldn’t leave without a plan and a road map. (Name & company details withheld by request)

Well Developed System and Simple Documentation

The management system has been well developed and implemented. The simple yet robust structure of documentation is appropriate for the size of the company and the type of services it provides. (successful certification audit by LRQA of Thermoview East)


DIY ISO 9001