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Payment Methods

Credit card purchase

How to pay by Visa or Master Card

1. Click Add to Cart button           

2. On the shopping cart form, enter your details.
3. Click SUBMIT ORDER at bottom of form 
4. On the secure payments page, enter your card information for Visa or MasterCard. 
    Note the charge will appear on your statement in the name of StrataPay.

DIY ISO 9001 Kit

BPay (Australia)

How to pay via BPay
1. Make a BPay payment through your bank as normal
    Use Biller code: 74633  Ref:  100211511
3. For delivery, please advise us of your payment and your details - company name, address and contact name for the Kit.
    Note:  the charge on your statement will appear in the name of StrataPay (the payment provider).  

Paypal account

How to pay via PayPal
1. Click Add to Cart 
2. Enter your details (name, address, etc) on the form page that appears
3. Click the PayPal logo to choose that option, then click SUBMIT ORDER at bottom of form
You will be transferred to PayPal to make your payment. 

Alternatively, log in to your Paypal account and use the Send Money option to our email address (see Contact Us).  Remember to supply your delivery details. 


How to pay via invoice

1. Send us your details and request an invoice - you can use the email link at top right on this page.
2. We'll send you an invoice that includes details for EFT, bank transfer or BPay.  Once payment is received, we will send it. 

NB: prepayment is required before shipping in most cases, with only occasional exceptions. 

Credit card 

How to pay with an international credit card

1. Click the Add to Cart button above.
2. On the form, enter details of name, address, etc 
3. Choose the PayPal tab, then click Submit Order
4. On the 'Choose a way to pay' page, choose the second option.
    This may appear as
Don't have a PayPal account or Pay with my credit card
5. Enter your credit card details on the secure web page and confirm the purchase.

For more help, see step-by-step

Price includes express delivery anywhere, at no extra charge 

Please read the terms of sale before ordering. 

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DIY ISO 9001