DIY ISO 9001 Kit

Get ISO 9001 without "breaking the bank"   

Confused about ISO 9001? Don't know what to do, let alone how to do it?  Searched for answers until your brain hurts? Does it all sound incredibly complicated or incomprehensible?

Here's the answer: my DIY ISO 9001 Kit.  It will guide you through ISO 9001 accreditation but keep it practical and simple.  So you won't just get your certificate but also get a quality system that really helps you and lifts you to the next level.  

Jane Bennett, DIY Kit author and leading ISO 9001 quality management consultant

Practical and effective solution to ISO 9001 

Imagine a future only months away, where you at last have that ISO 9001 certificate. With much less effort and cost than you feared. And without wasting lots of precious time and money trying to find a way through difficult and unfamiliar territory. 

Because my DIY Kit makes the entire process clear and simple.  It sets out a clear road-map, and guides you through the various things you need to do. With plenty of common-sense, practical advice.  What to do, as well as why, when and how to do it.  In plain English, with simple and practical examples and templates.

So you won't have to start from scratch or struggle to work out what's needed - or what's not.  You'll save yourself literally months of effort and thousands of dollars with this true do-it-yourself solution to get ISO 9001 certification. 

You'll be using a proven model, well tried and tested. And the examples in my Kit - including three different examples of systems - are real, working examples you can use.  (If I'd had these for my very first ISO 9001 certification project, it would have taken me a mere fraction of the time and effort I had to put into it.)  

Which version? Naturally the DIY Kit is for the current version: ISO 9001:2015

What's in the DIY ISO 9001 Kit?

For many years now, I've shown people how to do quality so that the system remains practical and simple, but also achieves the standard required by ISO 9001.  Made sure they avoided the hideous ones - you know, those that tie you up in paperwork and bureaucracy.  Because I use my IQM model: Intelligent Quality Management. 'Intelligent' because you get a simple, practical and effective quality system - and anything else is rather stupid.  You want one that suits you and helps improve your services, products or processes. Not a set of clunky templates that assume every business is the same.

Get an ISO 9001 quality management system that makes things work better, with less effort, avoid dead ends and use fewer resources (money/time). The DIY Kit approach has been tested and proven over many years, across different businesses (and nonprofits) in many different fields.    

So, instead of working nights and overtime to try and work it all out for yourself, doesn't it make sense to take a shortcut?

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Benefits of the DIY 9001 Kit

Use the DIY ISO 9001 Kit anywhere in the world

Remember, ISO 9001 is an international Standard, so the Kit can be used anywhere.  The Kit has happy customers who got certified right across the world.   

The most practical, sensible and useful kit available anywhere in the world.  

A true 'do it yourself' solution to get ISO 9001 certification and a practical, simple and effective quality system. 

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You get immediate access to the website and can get started right away, with files to download, Q and As - no waiting. 

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