ISO 9001 Consulting Services

Get ISO 9001 certificate with a simple, practical quality system

Our approach

We keep quality management simple, practical and effective.  How it should be.

All our advice is practical and tailored to your needs and situation. 

So before we can offer any useful advice, we first ask a bit about you, to understand your situation a little better. We want to be part of your team. And ultimately we want you to be self-sufficient, not dependent on a consultant.  But that certainly doesn't mean we just walk out the door - if you want us to stay around or come back, we happily do that too.

No matter what level of service you choose, we always work to understand what you want and need.

We assess your status against the Standard, identify the gaps and give you a task list of what's needed to fill them.

We plan, agree a timeframe and give you expert guidance.

You cannot fail

You can be sure with us that you won't 'fail' the audit.

None of our clients ever has.

Not one.


ISO 9001 Certification Consulting Services

1. Gap Analysis and Business System Review

What we do: Review your current business management system, and assess it against the ISO 9001 Standard. You get a clear, written report that summarises your status, sets out which ISO 9001 requirements are met and which aren't, how big the gaps are, and lists all tasks required to reach the ISO 9001 benchmark. Written in plain, user-friendly English.

It's a useful service when you don't know 'how big this ISO thing is', or want an expert assessment of your current status from a pre-eminent ISO 9001 consultant and auditor. Contact us for a quote and availability.

It can also be done by you using our template. See Gap Analysis for details.

2. Getting ISO 9001 Certification

While every client project really is unique, our ISO certification consulting services often fit into one of these broad categories:

If you: If you: If you:

  • Want to do most of the work yourself
  • Just need some experienced help and guidance
  • Want good advice on the most effective route
  • Want someone available in case of need

  • Lack resources or time.
  • Want to get there fast
  • Need an experienced consultant to ensure you succeed

  • Have zero resources
  • Even less time!
  • Just need that certificate.
  • Preferably yesterday, if not last week.

How we can help you:

  • Analyse your current gaps
  • Help you plan
  • Check in with you at agreed intervals to review progress & keep you on track
  • Give advice and practical solutions to problems
  • Review documents
  • Some/all of your internal audits 

How we can help you:

  • Do a Gap Analysis and a plan of required 
  • Do some/all of your quality documents; provide templates and examples.
  • Oversee it to make sure it happens
  • Periodic progress check-ins
  • Solutions to problems or blockages 
  • Your internal audits.

How we can help you

  • As for previous level, plus (almost) everything required
  • Supply resources
  • Manage the project

Bronze Service; lowest cost, perhaps $4-6k 

Silver service, medium cost (depending on work scope) 

Platinum service; highest cost $15+ 

What you will get with our services

And what you won't ...

And naturally you'll avoid all the most common mistakes people make with ISO 9001 certification.

Complementary obligation-free discussion

We offer a no obligation visit or phone discussion to assess your needs.  On-site visit complementary within metropolitan Melbourne.

To make best use of this, please do read our FAQs first, since they address many of the most common questions.

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