About Mapwright

Looking for practical and simple help with ISO 9001 quality?  We specialise in making it simple. 

Seven reasons to use us

  1. All our clients get ISO9001 certification at first attempt. 
    Our success rate is 100%. No failures = minimum time, cost, effort.
  2. You won't only get an ISO 9001 certificate, but also a system that's easy to use, practical and 'just works well', 
  3. You get certification faster so you can get the benefits sooner.
  4. Your business will run better because the system is more efficient and effective.  You'll be better organised; your system will be clear and streamlined. (See what some of our clients say)
  5. You get real, practical benefits: measurable improvements in your processes, your services and/or goods and in customer satisfaction. 
  6. You get the all the good stuff without any of the 'bad stuff' such as pain or excess bureaucracy.
  7. You get our unique service guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied with our services, we would not bill.

We offer a unique 'no satisfaction, no bill' guarantee because we are confident about what we do and how we do it. Because we understand quality management for services and projects

Our experience and expertise in applying the requirements of ISO 9001 to service-based businesses and project-based environments is second to none. We have experience in a broad range of fields and industries. We are located in Melbourne, Australia.

ISO 9001 for services is different: when you don't 'make widgets' (products or goods) but you 'do stuff' that is, provide services to your clients. You can't just try to impose overlay a quality system based on the manufacturing model onto a services company. Unfortunately some people still try to, with horrible results.

Likewise, companies that constantly work on projects are also different; not least because every job is different. 

We know a good quality system must fit you and your business - the way you work, not the other way round.

Our guarantee 

We guarantee you will get ISO 9001 certification if you implement our advice.

And we're so confident our services will meet your needs, we offer that unique guarantee. Remember, if you're not satisfied with our services, we will not bill you

Our focus is on working with businesses and people where we believe we can help, add real value and achieve the desired results. If we can't help, we'll tell you beforehand. If we can suggest another consultancy that would be better for what you need, we'll tell you that too.

Why use us?

We bring our passion for excellence and quality to your business

Our service is individual and personal

We offer a practical and client-centered service.

Whether you want to get ISO 9001 certification, or simply improve/simplify an existing quality management system, we'll solve your problem with a quality system that:

Some of our clients

ANZ Bank Ltd
Applied Biosystems Ltd
Australian Association of Professional Bookkeepers
Australia Post
Bensons Property Group
Bird Healthcare
Bupa Health Dialog
Chemform P/L
Consultel IT&T
Denton Corker Marshall 
Federal Government - Dept of Primary Industry & Energy, Dept of Defence
State Government - Dept of Sustainability & Environment, Fisheries Victoria, Forests & Parks, Forestry, Land & Fire, DOI, Multimedia Vic
Esso Australia
Findex (Financial Index Pty Ltd)
GTA Traffic Engineering Consultants
Industry Techlink
Inver Engineering
Lantrak Resources
Lend Lease
Oxford Chemicals
ProActive Services
Recall (Brambles)
Thermoview East
Traction Motor Repairs
Triangle Corporation, now Xerox
TSE Professional Training
Unisys Ltd
Via Archittetura
Wridgways Moving Services. 

Industry experience ranges across banking, catering, hospitality, chemical, consulting, distribution, education, gaming, government (local, state & federal), financial services,insurance, IT, importing, manufacturing, mining, project management, professional services, property development, valuation & sales, retail, security, software development and implementation, teaching, training,telecommunications, transport, utilities and waste management. And more.

The details

Why 'Mapwright'?  It has nothing to do with cartography or maps, but refers to finding new pathways and new roads.  

Intelligent Quality Management is a Registered Business Name of Mapwright Pty Ltd, ABN 19 083 698 873.

Director and Principal Consultant : Jane Bennett, BA, Dip. Ed, Grad Dip Bus. Info Tech, Lead Auditor and certified coach.

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